Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday At Last

Do yourself a favor today and click on the site listed below for a erudite discussion of "The State of Young Art in Britain" by my colleague Andrew McKie.  McKie, a formidable obituarist, is also a reviewer of art, music and politics in the U.K.   This article appears in the June 4, 2010 edition of the Wall Street Journal.

NEWSWATCH  mourns the loss of a man who made his mark in sports but left a legacy in mankind.  John Wooden has died at 99 years of age.  There will be many words in print honoring this unusually good man who--besides coaching basketball at UCLA--coached young men into being good citizens of the world.  He taught patience and preparation.  He did not scout his opposing teams--his teams had to be ready to play against whatever the other team brought.
He taught his players how to put on their shoes and socks. Why?  Surely a college athlete could put on his shoes and socks properly.  Wooden taught them to do it correctly saying that if the socks are wrinkled or twisted, blisters will result.  Blisters and basketball do not mix.
How fortunate for all of us--even those who never played a second of basketball--to have known of Coach Wooden's love of basketball, his players and the game of life.
Oil on the water.  Usually an expression of calming something unruly.  But not in this case of endless damage to environment. This situation is turning into a devastating tar-baby.
Belmont Stakes runs today.  No super Saver.  No Lookin' At Lucky.  But we have Ice Box and First Dude who should make it a good race.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Morning After the Night Before

Alright, so Kobe had to show off before the hometown crowd.  I think the Celtics were distracted--Jack as in Nicholson, Chris as in Rock and David as in Spade just to name a few on the front row.
Loved the revelation that the Celtics players had coughed up $100 each sometime back for their coach to hide somewhere in Staple Center.  The only way they would get their moola back was to return to L.A. for the finals!  And they did. And he did.  Hidden under a ceiling tile somewhere in the building, the money was safe and sound.  Now if they will just win the series, that $100 will be but a drop in the bucket. Go, Celtics.

And because of a terribly bad call, baseball has given us two unlikely heroes. The umpire and the pitcher.  Both men of uncommonly good character.  Tears and hugs; apologies and forgiveness.
Now there is a lesson for us all.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

OMG , CG !

I was so intent on slamming the Lakers this morning that I completely omitted the Ken Griffey, Jr. retirement.  Thanks to my colleague who writes that clever "Sideline Chatter" in The Seattle Times,  Dwight Perry, I am now reminded of this breaking news. 
Thanks, Dwight.

Celtics & Lakers

Oh boy......let's see how it goes tonight.  Pizza and something cool to drink; me in front of the TV out here on the prairie screaming as if I were sitting beside Jack at the Staples Center.  Jack wouldn't be happy with me, however, because I would be screaming for the Celtics.  Actually, they are not my favorite team overall but then my Mavericks took an exit way too early. So that leaves the Celtic as my favorite team in this competition.

Sorry, Kobe. I know you have all those rings to show for your prowess on the court.  You also have a few rings--at least one really BIG one for your wife--for your courting prowess.

All that aside, Kobe not only is a poor loser, he is a worse winner.  I will be anxious to see this series to its conclusion.

The Umpire Was Out!

You know all those catcalls from the bleachers:  "Are you BLIND ?"  "Who do you play for?"
"Come on, Ump, get your head in the game!  And many more too graphic to mention.

But in this case, Jim Joyce admitted that his call of safe at first base was WRONG.  Of course, he admitted it after the damage had been done.  Joyce in his own words said, "I just cost that kid a perfect game." 

The kid is Armando Galarraga and he couldn't have been nicer. And he couldn't have  made a better play. This is the pinultimate case for the dreaded replay in a disputed play in baseball as it is used in other sports.  Yeah, maybe it takes away from the old time drama of the game or maybe it causes umpires to be more careful with their big calls....whatever the case, this might just be the case that causes baseball to get into the 20th century. Yes, I know I said 20th.

It may take a fan uprising on the tools of this century like the computer's facebook, emails, blogs and websites to get the attention of the Commissioner.  I, for one, say, "Let's go for it!"

A Golden Girl Exits

Oh no! Rue McClanahan has died today.  She and Betty White have been the Golden Girls survivors.  But now Rue is gone and Betty White stands alone. 
I always loved Rue/Golden Girl for her flirty ways, rakish behavior and her absolute love of men.
The southern accent (although a bit overdone) didn't hurt either.  Sad to say she is gone at 76.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

What a Difference a Week Makes !

  • Since the last Newswatch posting, the oil disaster has worsened with each passing day.  BP may be working overtime but tell that to the folks who live in Louisiana and who make their livings by water-related industries.  And tell it to the people who are trying to save and rescue fish, fowl, turtles and wetlands.  The "chain of command" is more like "Who's on first" ! 

  • The NBA has moved closer to the finals and it appears that the run-ups in both East and West have been much tighter than expected.  That must mean that teams have become far more proficient and more competitive than usual. Or that the teams who thought they would easily blow away the competition have had a big surprise.

  • Dennis Hopper has taken his last "easy ride." Hopper had been ill for the past year or so during which he and his present wife filed for divorce.  He had a bit of a checkered personal life but his film career was amazing.   Most of us remember him as the young idealistic son of the Benedicts--Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson--in "Giant."   "Easy Rider" with Peter Fonda  was another of Hopper's films.

  • Gary Coleman has died of a brain hemmorage after a series of health problems during his short life of 42 years.

  • And while it is really not news, Lindsay Lohan has acquired a new piece of jewelry : an ankle bracelet.  This young woman is in deep trouble but doesn't seem to realize it.  I hope she survives.

  • If you are planning to go to Greece, be sure to call ahead.  The country seems to be having a financial meltdown as well as some of the surrounding countries. 

  • Wonder what Sarah Palin thinks now of her "Drill, Baby, drill."